Have a question that’s not listed here? Please contact us at info@TreadwayEvents.com

In order to create the safest environment possible,  we encourage you to only use the restrooms on-site for emergencies. All restrooms and wash stations are spaced around the perimeter of the event space to limit contact with other guests and for easy accessibility.

We encourage you not to for the safety and experience of our guests.

Yes! You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks to the drive-in.

All Door Dash, Uber Eats, Pizza deliveries or similar will not be permitted.

No. All tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets WILL sell out nightly so act soon.

You may sit in the truck bed or open the hatch of your car. We ask that you tie your hatch level with your car so we don’t block views of the guest behind you!
We ask if you are outside of your car you wear a mask, Per Covid-19 guidelines.

We recommend running your vehicle in short intervals. Please read your car manual to ensure you know how to turn your headlights off or bring a blanket/towel to place over the headlights if you are unable to do so.

Absolutely no smoking or vaping is allowed during the show.

You may sit directly in front or behind your vehicle. We ask that if you are outside your vehicle you wear a mask at all times.

Your ticket is valid only on the night you selected at checkout. Tickets are transferrable. Please reach out to support here.

Please follow all current government guidelines regarding wearing masks in public spaces. Masks, along with appropriate physical distancing are required any time you exit your vehicle or are communicating with staff members.

Yes! All tickets must be purchased online. Tickets are very limited so we suggest you purchase ASAP.

Sorry, we don’t allow vehicles such as busses, limos, campers, oversized lifted trucks, or vehicles with more than four tires. Recreational vehicles.

Due to the nature of the show, there are no refunds or exchanges of any kind. If you have a complaint or question regarding this policy, please contact us. Tickets may be exchanged to a friend. Please contact to safely transfer your ticket. 

We have the right to refuse service to anyone

Vehicles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are in a truck or large SUV please be courteous of other guests and park towards the back of the lot. 

Each space allows for proper social distancing based on state guidelines. Each car is spaced 6′ to 10′ from the next. Space sizes are approximately 8′ x 18′.

Sound is transmitted via FM stereo. You may use a car stereo or a portable radio. Tune to 87.9FM.

One ticket covers admission for your vehicle and all of its passengers (up to the legal limit per vehicle).


Small meals, candy, and popcorn will be available at the food cart pod located at Love Struck!

Yes! The Embassy Suites located at Washington Square Mall

No, but please use consideration based on the film that is playing. The majority of films that will be featured are PG-13 or R rated

This year, choose your own adventure! Start your Valentine’s celebration by ordering to-go or reserving a table at one of Washington Square’s many restaurants like Cheesecake FactoryThirsty Lion, or Red Robin, then enjoy two back-to-back romance films to top the night off! Not so hungry? Small meals, candy, and popcorn will be available at the food cart pod located at Love Struck!

This is a drive-in movie experience that lasts approximately four hours

Not required, but encouraged! We strive to create a quick and easy check-in process. If you print your ticket, please place it print side up on the driver side of your dash so we can scan it easily.

We highly recommend using Rain-X Water Repellent

You can view all of the featured films above. Scroll Up!

Car pricing is limited to one car per order. In order to place orders for multiple cars, please repeat the checkout process for each one.

We are open rain or moonshine. Intense wind speeds may cause event cancellation or delays before and/or during the film.

You’ll be cozy inside of your vehicle with a beautiful view 🙂 – We’ll remain open in most snowy weather conditions.

Don’t fear! We’ll jump your car for you.

One “ticket” or “car admission” includes two movies shown back to back.  You may bring as many people as you are legally allowed to in your vehicle.


We are following all appropriate state, CDC & IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) guidelines. All staff are required to complete a nightly health screening, sterilize their hands often, and must wear face coverings at all times.

Gates open at 4:00 PM. Gates close at 6:45 PM.

Late arrivals will not be permitted.

6:00PM Sharp. We want to make sure we have enough time to spend together

Love Struck is located at Washington Square Mall in Portland, OR. 9585 SW Washington Square Rd, Portland, OR 97223

The event is located near the parking structure and old sears building.

Yes, tickets are limited each night to ensure COVID-19 Guidelines are met.